Daniel Dust

Daniel Dust is a self-taught hyperrealist painter, born in Washington and recently relocated to San Diego.

“I create meticulously-detailed, large-scale portraits, rendering truths and perceptions. Having no formal training, I’ve learned through personal study and observation. I paint what I see. Drawing inspiration from a growing cultured youth entrenched in social consciousness, I paint unique perspectives through galvanizing imagery and content. ” –Dust

Daniel Dust’s solo show “Dark Heavens” will open on August 27, 2016. These incredibly detailed large-scale works are meticulously hand painted by the artist.

You may email sonya@sparksgallery.com to request an appointment for viewing at the gallery or to see a preview of the show catalog. RSVP to the opening here: http://sparksgallery.com/exhibitions/exhibition-daniel-dust-solo-show-dark-heavens

Works By Daniel Dust