Our latest exhibition entitled “Animalia / A Group Show” opens on November 12, and will feature 31 San Diego artists, each presenting a work of art depicting animals, both real and imaginary.
All Participating Artists:

Alexander Arshansky, Amanda Lynn, Amy Paul, Anna Van Fleet, Barbara Stanley, Brennan Hubbell, Carmem Gusmao, Eric Wixon, Gloria Muriel, Gregory Bada, Heather Lenefsky, Optimus Volts, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Jo Palasi, Jon Barnes, Judy Salinsky, Kelly Paige Standard, Laura Ball, Lee Sie, Lenore Simon, Li Huai, Manrabbit, Marissa Quinn, Monica Hui Hekman, Neal Bociek, Perry Vasquez, Robby Ticknor, Ron Carlson, Roy Kerckhoffs, Stephanie Clair, Victoria Hanlon

Please email to schedule a private showing or for more information.

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