Current Exhibitions

Exhibition: minis 2019 / A Group Show

Sparks Gallery’s annual “minis” exhibition returns at the end of May this year, featuring local artists who have created work in many different mediums. All works are under 12 inches long and priced under $500. In addition to the small works on view, a selection of studies and sketches by the artists will also be available for purchase in a silent auction on opening night.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibition: Optimus Volts: We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams / A Solo Show

Sparks Gallery is pleased to host a solo show for Optimus Volts, featuring new sculptural works inspired by the artist’s childhood experiences, interests, and objects. RSVP Required for opening night.

From the artist: “In tougher times, I always think back to the simpler times in my life. A time when I would rush home to my toys as quickly as possible, just so that I could continue living in the different worlds I created. I have vivid memories of the environments I imagined, all so detailed that I can recall the scents and textures of everything to this day. It didn’t matter what was going on in the world around me because in my universe, everything was fun and at peace.

With this art show, I hope to invite everyone to take a peek into the different worlds I created. I want you to see the spaces I lived in, the heroes I had, and battles I fought in. Enter the mind of Optimus Volts.” Continue reading

Past Exhibitions

Exhibition: AjA Student Photography

Sparks Gallery is pleased to host a guest exhibition by The AjA Project, a San Diego-based nonprofit organization providing participatory photography programming to youth and communities.

In partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education Juvenile Court and Community Schools, The AjA Project programmed with youth participants through its Art + Social Justice curriculum at two unique sites in San Diego this Spring.

“How We See,” an exhibition by 37ECB students, is a culmination of work developed over 20 sessions of AjA Project programming centered around photography and identity. For three months students photographed their social and personal environments using film and digital cameras. Their work is a testament to perseverance, determination, and creativity.

The gallery is also featuring a participatory photo art installation in our back patio titled, “Let Me Tell You My Name” by La Mesa Reflections students. This installation includes original large-scale images speaking to the themes of identity and stereotypes. Students were asked to analyze their personal and social landscapes, highlighting the importance of their individual selves, rather than a perceived stereotype, and present the images to view through a large scale installation.

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OMA Artist Alliance: Creative License / A Group Show

The Oceanside Museum of Art has an affiliate group of membership called “Artist Alliance”. Membership in Artist Alliance provides opportunities for interaction, visibility and growth for artists in the region. Sparks Gallery is pleased to host the latest exhibition of artwork from artists in the Artist Alliance group who are located in Southern California. 27 pieces from the Artist Alliance members were juried into the exhibition by Sparks Gallery owner & chief curator Sonya Sparks. The artwork will be on display at Sparks Gallery from April 27 – July 7, 2019. All works are for sale and directly support the local artists in the Artist Alliance group.

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Exhibition: ManRabbit / A Solo Show: Sweating Glitter ::: Honoring Grandpa Joe

Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce a new solo show with works by ManRabbit, opening February 23, 2019. ManRabbit is a collaboration by San Diego artists Lee Selman and Carla Naden. The two female artists work together as a team to layer fabric and paper, paint, jewels and sparkles, and finally top each piece with a thick resin coat, leaving the works with a luxurious gleam.

Gallery Owner Sonya Sparks confirms, “ManRabbit is exploring the contemporary feminine with extravagantly adorned women who are complex, glamorous, and flawed, yet powerful. ManRabbit’s works are best observed in person to see the incredible details within in each piece.”

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Exhibition: Harmony / A Group Show

To kick off the new year, Sparks Gallery is pleased to present a selection of artworks that are inspired by music. Entitled “Harmony”, this exhibition will explore both the traditional movement of the body in motion, as well as abstract works with bursts of colors and shapes. Each artist will interpret music and dance through their unique vision and craft.

// Exhibition on view JANUARY 27 – APRIL 21, 2019

// Special saxophone performance by Dr. James Brown III
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Exhibition: Eva Struble & Scott Polach / A Duo Show

On Saturday, November 17th, Sparks Gallery will open a show within a show – a selection of featured works by artists Scott Polach and Eva Struble, former Space 4 Art residents – as part of the ongoing “Convergence” exhibition. Each artist’s practice has continued to flourish in their post-Space 4 Art tenure and includes exhibitions at institutions such as the Museum of Photographic Arts, Oceanside Museum, San Diego Art Institute, and Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.
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