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Realism art Jean-François Millet, “The Gleaners” (1857)

What is Realism in Art? Definition, Artists, & Examples

Realism in art, often known as “naturalism” or “objective realism,” is an artistic approach that seeks to represent reality as accurately and authentically as possible. This style emerged in Europe during the mid-19th century as a reaction against the established norms of bourgeois art at the time, and is considered the beginning of modern art. […]

A sea port (Ein Meerhafen) by Johann Anton Eismann

What is Figurative Art? Contemporary and Abstract

Figurative art is a kind of art that depicts the human form as well as real objects and scenes. This type of art has a long and illustrious history, stretching back to ancient civilizations, and has evolved over the years to encompass modern and abstract variations. Figurative art exists in a variety of forms, including […]

surrealism art by Rene Magritte

What is Surrealism Art? Definition, Artists, & Examples

Surrealism is a cultural and artistic movement that originated in the 1920s and 1930s as a reaction to the traumas of World War I and the disillusionment with modern civilization. It is a style that tries to challenge reality by depicting a warped, irrational universe filled with surprising, bizarre features. This movement had a tremendous […]

Wassily Kandinsky abstract painting

What is Abstract Art? Definition & Examples

Abstract art is a non-objective art form that breaks traditional, realistic art styles. It intends to inspire emotion and intangible experience, rather than telling a story or portraying realistic subjects. While it exists today in many forms, both two and three-dimensionally, abstract art disrupted the art world when it abandoned realistic representation of subject matter. […]

Portraiture art example: Rembrandt, ‘Self-Portrait with Velvet Beret and Furred Mantle’

Portrait Art: History of Western Portraiture Painting and Styles

Portraiture painting has been a popular form of artistic expression for centuries, and its development has paralleled each era’s shifting views, beliefs, and cultural conventions. Portrait painting has long been a vehicle for artists to capture the likeness, personality, and position of their subjects, from early Greek and Roman sculptures through the Renaissance masterpieces of […]

Abstract art piece photo

Subject Matter in Art: What it Says About the Artist

Art is a beautiful expression of human creativity, simply because it does not need to be confined to a single person’s experience or definition. What the artist attempts to portray in their painting, drawing, or sculpture, could be worlds away from what viewers experience. Art is almost like a living being, in that everyone will […]

Buying art for beginners tips

Buying Art for Beginners: Tips & Myths

Art is one of the oldest forms of human expression. It can be used to communicate ideas, tell stories, or elicit emotion. For centuries, art has been a way for people to express their unique individuality and personal style. If you’re interested in buying art online or in person but don’t know where to start, […]

What is conceptual art

What is Conceptual Art? Overview with Examples

Conceptual art strives to break the conventional notions of traditional art. It subscribes to the value that the concept or idea is more important than the art object. Conceptual art embraces everyday objects and ready-made things to convey ideas and commentary on society or social norms. By understanding what conceptual art is, its purpose, and its examples, […]

Marble Pedestals for sculpture with grey background

How to Choose the Perfect Pedestal for Your Sculpture

Pedestals for sculptures are like a small stage to perform and tell a story. A pedestal must support the sculpture while bringing attention to the piece and allowing others to view the artwork from the appropriate angles. While pedestals and bases are subordinate to the work, they can also help a sculpture stand out, if […]

A professional art appraiser appraising fine art

How Does Fine Art Appraisal Work? (Why You Need Them)

Have you ever discovered what looks like a piece of fine art covered in years of dust in the attic? Wondering if it is an original or worth any money? Are you simply looking for an official evaluation of your family’s fine art estate for an insurance company? Would you like to know the asking […]