“I learned to be mindful as to the requisites of galleries.”

“I received further clarification of my artist’s statement and unbiased, knowledgeable, and
valuable guidance.”

– John Steenhoven, Emerging Mixed Media Sculptor; private client

Gallery Guide Membership

A Membership with Art Gallery Owner Sonya Sparks


For Artists Who Want to Sell More in Galleries and get actionable, direct advice from a gallery owner.


**Hurry the founding members price jumps after DAY, DATE, TIME and only 15 spots available!**


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Take the mystery out of the business of selling art by enrolling in the Sparks Gallery Guide Membership.


If you want to know how to get into galleries and sell more work, this membership is for you. You may have tried to approach galleries, or have at least one successful gallery relationship, but have not had success in sales with them.


You know that galleries can be pivotal for art sales, and you want to find more galleries to sell your art.


You may feel like:

  • I am not ready to approach galleries…maybe you question your portfolio’s viability in a commercial environment, or are not sure what to say to galleries, or you’re scared of the (continued) rejection when they say “no.”
  • I have approached galleries but have not been able to get into one. 
  • I worked with galleries but have not had success in sales with them and I’m not sure what else to try.
  • I have at least one successful gallery relationship but I want to find more galleries. 

I can help you get into art galleries. 


Learn how you fit into the commercial art market so you can find your best gallery matches.


In my signature framework, you will get personal guidance from me (an art gallery owner with the inside scoop on what galleries are looking for), so you can learn how to best approach galleries, increase your exposure to collectors, and sell more artwork.


Imagine you have the confidence to meet with any gallery owner or curator to articulate that your portfolio and materials are aligned to their curation style and collector base.


Each month during our Q&A sessions, you will have personalized, actionable guidance on what direction you should take for preparing your portfolio and marketing materials, building your credentials, experimenting with new work, and where to find opportunities to show and sell work.

No more guessing why galleries are not taking your calls and emails.


Imagine you have the confidence to meet with any gallery owner or curator to articulate that your portfolio and materials are aligned to their curation style and collector base. Learn how to reach out to galleries, knowing what THEY are looking for.


Here’s what you will learn from this monthly membership:

  • 5 things you need to have before getting into a commercial art gallery
  • How setting up your foundations will allow for a solid base to build your artist “brand” and make you irresistible to galleries
  • How to propose exhibitions/work to galleries and become unforgettable
  • Insider advice from me based on my impression of the direction of your work and how it may be received by other galleries 
  • How to market yourself as a professional artist using my framework, formulated from my 20 years of experience in marketing and sales

You will also receive:

  • Recorded videos of the course for you to reference any time inside a custom portal  

Only 15 spaces are available in our founding course. Book via the button below to secure your space. 


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This membership is ideal for emerging artists who are not sure what direction to take to prepare their portfolio and to catch the eye of galleries, or artists who have had a long pause in their career and are starting up again.


This program is not for the purpose of proposing your work for gallery representation at Sparks Gallery.


As a founding member, you will meet with Sonya Sparks virtually, once a week, for 1 hour virtually and record the course framework. Sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 11:30am – 1:30pm. The dates will be June 12, 19, and 26th. Going forward, you will be enrolled in a monthly course which will give you access to new resources monthly, a community of like-minded artists, and monthly Q&A sessions with Sonya to ask questions. You may cancel the membership after 3 months.

You will be able to ask Sonya questions LIVE in the Q&A portion at the end of each session of the recordings, and also during the monthly Q&A sessions.

Sonya will give you all the tools you need to approach and book more galleries. We cannot make a guarantee that any gallery will bring you on to be exhibited, as that is outside of our control.

Founding members of the course will be participating in a live virtual recorded session each week. Members are expected to attend the course live through the virtual meeting during these sessions to be able to participate in the Q&A portion.

You will need access to the internet in a quiet space, and we recommend that you come with an idea of the type of work that you are creating and your purpose for creating the work.