Annalise Neil

Annalise Neil

Annalise Neil received a BFA in Printmaking from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY, with a minor in Art History (summa cum laude). In this program, Neil gained a strong technical and image planning foundation, along with a penchant for delicate mark-making. In 2010, she worked as an illustrator on packaging and product information campaigns for Anthropologie. She completed an Artist Residency in Motherhood between 2016-2017.

Neil is a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, the Artist Alliance at the Oceanside Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles Art Association. Her work resides in private collections across the U.S. and in Europe.

“I make visual poems in order to find greater clarity in all that surrounds me. My work depicts ideas that consistently hold my attention: like empathy, time, transmutation, and perception. Metaphors that come from researching these scientific and philosophical tenets are woven into my pieces. The concepts–and the images they lead to–help me understand living as a human in a wildly complex, interconnected and social environment. Translating ideas into images provides an external armature on which to hang my thoughts, and ideally allows for a fruitful public discourse. In a way, I am making a catalogue of new ways of thinking, that taken together may allow for a resonant levity or evolution of our animating spirit. Even if this only occurs for a moment, it can still leave a permanent mark.” ~ Annalise Neil

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