Annie Lemoux

Annie Lemoux has been immersed in the world of photography since she was twelve years old. She remembers that “at the moment my father put a small foldable Kodak film camera in my hand and told me that everything was beautiful, if I could see it. I was hooked.”

Lemoux’s art reveals her interest in storytelling. Fascinated with fairy tales ever since she was a little girl, this interest continued later in life with investigations into mythology and spirituality, and started influencing her conceptual photographic work and imagery.

The artist concedes that “I give my images a title because when I see other artists’ work, I am always interested in the conceptual genesis of their work. But I encourage the viewer to create their own interpretation of the work and project their own story and translation or reading of the image they are contemplating. That is the place where art is then truly shared: in their heart and in their mind as they get touched.”

Works by Annie Lemoux

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