Barbara Postelnek

Barbara Postelnek

Barbara Postelnek is a sculptor from three generations of artists. Her grandparents were forced out of Russia in the early 1900s during the land confiscation and forced conscription, losing their property and history. Settled in the US, her grandparents retained their Russian passion and talent for intricate decorative art. Her grandfather worked in mosaic and copper. Her father was the first in the family to have a university education and became a statistician in the American government. His hobby was painting. Her mother, also the first in her family with a university education, earned several master’s degrees and was an art teacher. Her mediums were sculpture, ceramics, drawing, enamel, and glass.

Postelnek grew up in the suburbs of Maryland where she regularly enjoyed the museums of Washington, D.C. Art classes were included in her early education. She earned her degree at the University of Maryland. In 1980, she moved to New York City and married. While her husband was being treated for cancer, she realized how unpredictable life could be and putting her passion for art aside was “unwise”. She began sculpting at that time. Scholarships from both the National Academy of Design and the National Sculpture Society allowed her to study for many years with seven different instructors. In 1999, she moved to San Diego where she continues to create and teach classes.

Postelnek’s artwork has been added to the permanent collection at The Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio (2007).

Works by Barbara Postelnek

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