Benjamin Bernstein

Benjamin Bernstein

Benjamin Bernstein is a San Diego born local who uses a variety of skills and techniques of both metalworking and lapidary stone cutting to create unique works of art. Bernstein has learned from a multitude of schools and teachers including Grossmont College, San Diego State University, and even Sparks Gallery’s very own Alexandra Hart.

Bernstein held a fascination for crystals even at a young age, which led to learning basic beadwork in early childhood. He had his first public showing at a local art fair at the age of nine, and immediately afterwards, he learned this could be more than just a hobby.

Bernstein gets his inspiration from just about anything in the world around him, be it man-made or natural. But the biggest design influences come thanks to his parents, who both have backgrounds in the field of biology. Growing up in and around laboratories—with abundant opportunities to use microscopes and other equipment—made him realize the beauty of the little patterns that make up our world.

Works by Benjamin Bernstein

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