Brian Belfield

Growing up, Brian Belfield quickly learned to love the outdoors, hiking and camping in the mountains, deserts, and beaches of California. Those beautiful scenes always remain etched in his memory.

Inspired by the astounding drawings of a childhood friend, Brian began to create his own work and pursued art throughout school. He ultimately earned a B.A. in illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. 

While art school gave Brian a broad academic understanding of the fundamentals and exposed him to a wide spectrum of ideas, it was only by going out into nature, time and again, and applying those fundamentals to the canvas that he really learned to paint.

Returning to San Diego, Brian’s paintings depict the places he loved as a child. Each represents a specific time and place, painted impressionistically with emphasis on the real rather than the ideal. They typically feature harmonious color and a strong value structure. He finds himself intrigued by the great volumes of shadow created by sea cliffs, the chaos and complexity of a sycamore tree, and the incessant motion of ocean waves.

Works by Brian Belfield

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