Chelsea Leopold

My art is where I come to terms with my own emotions and thoughts through drawing and scribbling on the page. I normally do women’s portraits, and somehow they sort of always have the same look in their eyes as my own. Lately, I’ve been scribbling through the hair and adding masses of scribbles elsewhere to envoke the chaos of having to hide who you really are, a mess. My work to me, symbolizes the feelings of normalness opposing those feelings of having to act a certain way, be a certain way. My whole life, I’ve wondered as I’m sure everyone else has, am I normal or am I the crazy one? I know a lot of people are easily frustrated with my work, asking why I’m constantly “ruining” my pieces, but there are so many that get it too. I hope the ones that get it, take away a sense of relief. And to the ones I disturbed, I did my job.

Works by Chelsea Leopold

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