Cheryl Nickel

Cheryl Nickel is an artist with a Master’s Degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University. She has exhibited installation and
sculptural work in various media as well as creating public site and environmental projects.

Gallery shows include Sibley Gallery and Johnson Art Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; Binghamton City Gallery, Binghamton, NY; La Sierra University Gallery, Riverside,CA; Loma Linda Medical School, Riverside, CA; Sushi Visual and Performance Gallery, San Diego; Gotthelf Art Gallery at San Diego Center for Jewish Culture; Art Gallery at Escondido Center for the Arts.

Public work/environmental arts projects include those created at Treman State Park, Ithaca, NY; Ithaca Arts Festival, Ithaca, NY; Lydgate Park, Hawaii; La Sierra University, Riverside, CA; Hoover High School, San Diego CA.

As a member of Allied Craftsmen, her work has shown at Grove Gallery, UCSD; Boehm Gallery, Palomar College; Escondido Center for the Arts; Mingei Museum.

Grants include: Cornell University Creative & Performing Arts Grant; New York State Arts Council Design Award; Kaplan Foundation Grant; Kona Hawaii Community Arts Grant.

She is Cofounder of Ithaca Arts Festival, Ithaca, NY and Cofounder of Space4Art, San Diego.

Works by Cheryl Nickel

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