Chiffon Lark

Chiffon Lark

Chiffon Lark’s work is heavily influenced by her indigenous heritage, (White Mountain/Mescalero Apache and Coahuiltecan) and other ancient cultures from around the globe. She specializes in abstract realism using Alcohol Ink, which is a concentrated dye, or pigment, that is not soluble with water. Unlike traditional watercolors or acrylic paint, the ink is diluted with an ethanol-based solution (commonly rubbing alcohol).

The artist’s technique involves using her breath (open-air blowing) and watercolor paint brushes to develop her images. She begins with very diluted pigment and adds transparency and movement by blowing directly onto the substrate (Yupo) throughout the composition. Lark then adds detailed value by using fine brushes to create depth in the piece.

“I aim to bring awareness to conservation issues through my work. To me, Art is about telling a story. These stories are experiential, and have the ability to connect beyond community thresholds to awaken a deep sense of knowing in our hearts” – Chiffon Lark

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