Dan Landrum

Dan Landrum was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and received a B.A in Fine Art painting, printmaking, and photography from SDSU. Landrum’s distinct style started evolving in the ‘70s, while travelling through North America, Europe, and Asia with pens, pencils, and large drawing notebooks.  In the 1990s, Landrum was active in the International Union of Mail Artists, publishing magazines and chapbooks while working as a silversmith.  Landrum’s artwork ranges from painting, sculptures to designing.  Landrum specializes in laser cutting and engraving.  The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland recently purchased sixteen of Landrum’s artworks.      

“My art making is concerned with coming back to the thing itself, an interactive experience in which action, feeling, and meaning are one. Not fixed or defined, but changing the way clouds change, the way water swirls, rivers flow, never the same twice, always something else, but always water, always wet. True to itself.” – Landrum

Works By Dan Landrum

Uptown Funk

Artist: Dan Landrum

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 35 x 35.5 in

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