James Enos

James Enos

James A. Enos is trained as an architect with a background in technology and manufacturing. Since the early nineties he has developed a unique interdisciplinary skill-set for investigating and representing urban issues via the arts. His practice includes the production of site-specific content, novel structures, collaborative visualizations, and creative forms of community engagement. His interests explore quietly held civic values by way of interrogating complex forms that employ everyday materials, messages, or local vernaculars. The ambition of his work lay within promoting dialogue concerning how social spaces are affected by physical infrastructure and the built environment.

The Irrational Desires; head forming architectures series investigates the deconstruction of desires and ambitions for those creating architectural work. For James Enos, these personal drawings are part of his conceptual process: a segmentation of the thought processes in illustrative form before finding the words to convey his ideas.

James Enos was recently awarded the 2013 San Diego Art Prize in the emerging category and paired with established artists Debby and Larry Kline. The three will be showing work together at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, as well as the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair.

Works by James Enos

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