Jess Perna

Jess Perna

Jess Perna is a representational oil painter originally from New York. He completed a BFA in illustration and fine art from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Now residing in Temecula, CA, Perna creates unique, detailed artwork for individual clients and businesses alike.

“If I lived for centuries there would not be enough time to create all the art that I am inspired to make. Art is fun! It’s a passionate addiction that grows deeper each year I draw and paint. Even the intense, hard work involved in finding new ways and methods to improve each piece is immensely satisfying. I enjoy painting people in a variety of beautiful and imaginative scenes meant to provoke different moods and emotions in the viewer.

The figures in various scenes provide the viewer with the information needed to create their own narrative. My intention is for collectors of my oil paintings to enjoy speculating on the story being told in each piece of art. I have created many details to keep the viewers interested for many years. I believe in creating beautiful, quality fine art. It is a complex process oftentimes involving a very tiny paintbrush. I have spent my life in the pursuit of excellence. I hope you have as much fun looking at the art as I have had creating it!” ~ Jess Perna

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