Jon Barnes

Jon Barnes is originally from New Jersey but moved out to the San Diego area in 2004.  Interestingly enough his journey as a photographer was ultimately born from a 20 year semi-pro, beach volleyball career.  Having played for years on beaches in New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Virginia he eventually began to travel for the sport all over the country playing tournaments.  This was the first significant traveling he had done.  Having always been a lover of nature and the outdoors, and seeing all these new places, he began to show an interest in photography.   Jon‘s journey across the country with his good friend, Dan Cleary, when he was moving out to California is really where it all began as an artist.  During the cross country trip Jon had nothing but an old hardly-used, film camera but he was in love with the scenery and capturing it on film.  Soon after, the camera upgrades, research, and self-instruction began and intensified.  Before he knew it Jon was sharing, showing and selling his work a few years later.  Since then the deep, growing interest has turned into a passion.   Everywhere Jon is, he is always formulating and conceptualizing new ideas for his art.   Each year Dan and Jon still meet up and go on a few scenic trips centered around their passion for photography.  Jon flies from San Diego and Dan flies from Philadelphia, and they meet and explore remote locations searching for captivating landscapes, incredible wildlife, and anything else that Mother Nature can provide along the way.  Most recently Jon has begun to travel internationally and fallen in love with Iceland.  Often he refers to it as his “home away from home” after visiting its amazing landscapes over the last few years.  Glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches and wildlife are just the beginning of what Iceland has to offer.   Locally, here in the U.S. Jon‘s favorite area to visit and photograph is the Pacific Northwest.   Having visited beaches, waterfalls, deserts and so many of our great country’s landmarks and parks, he always refers back to Oregon and Washington as his favorite area to photograph.  He also visits with his wife and young daughter as often as possible on their family getaways.

Works by Jon Barnes

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