Judy Salinsky

Judy Salinsky graduated with a Graphic Arts and Design degree from Palomar College and a BA in Dance from the University of California-Irvine. Salinisky has exhibited in solo and group shows and received numerous awards. Salinisky worked as a graphic designer for seventeen years and taught Art at Palomar Community College and the San Diego Community College.

“I have eclectic tastes; with creative ideas coming at me throughout the day. Exploring various types of two-dimensional art forms, the years of dance give me the opportunity to form in 3-D. Creating art is a life-long learning process, one that should be enjoyable, educational, and nurturing. Bronze is a long process and long lasting. To create it, is like meditation to me. The journey to the end product is the most creative joy I have ever experienced. ” – Salinsky

Works by Judy Salinsky

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