Marna Schindler

Marna Schindler

Marna Schindler paints in acrylic on canvas or wood, using bold colors and line to create impressionistic and stylized compositions. With references to drawing from her own photographs of nature, most of Schindler’s works are created in a single session so that she may capture her immediate impression of the scene or subject. Inspired by the bold styles and vibrant palette of early 20th century artists, Schindler’s paintings focus on the energy within each of her subjects, where forms are explored, reduced, and re-envisioned. Schindler’s aim is to invite the viewer to settle in and feel the work, finding sensory experience in shape, line, and color.

2005 – 2015: Participation in 12-15 juried art festivals yearly (CA, AZ & OR) and represented by Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery, Prescott, AZ.

October 2014 “Best in Painting” Sedona Festival of the Arts
April 2014 Featured Artist, San Diego ArtWalk 30th Anniversary

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