Michal Greenboim

Michal Greenboim

Michal Greenboim grew up in a small, rural town in Israel: Pardes Hanna, “Hannah’s Orchard”. This location was instrumental in shaping her into who she is today.

Greenboim’s first book, Orchard Trail, is based on raw emotions, feelings, and memories. It was only while working on the book that she realized that most of her photographs are based on the innocence of her childhood. Thus Orchard Trail became a homage to the magical place she grew up in. She remembers, “My grandmother planted a tree in the backyard of my childhood home when her and my grandfather arrived in Israel in 1933 from Germany, against her family’s will. The story of my family led me to create my second book On Our Journey Home. This book describes the migration journey of my grandparents–their dreams, vision and hope.”

Photography has always been her way of expressing herself. Greenboim has created other projects such as Dreams and Nightmares, Flicker of Life, Swan Lake, and Keeping the Flame, a story about the small Jewish community in Cuba. She made a short film But I Am Here about this project as well.

Some of Greenboim’s projects were published for the likes of the Boston Globe, Center for Photographic Arts, and Millennium Images, to name a few. She has also received recognition from several organizations such as the All About Photo (Foto Nostrum Gallery Magazine) Awards, the 14th Pollux Awards, Julia Margaret Awards, LACP 4th Member Show, and PDN Exposure Awards. Her work has been shown in exhibitions around the country and abroad.

She holds a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in Media Arts at Maine Media College of Rockport, Maine.

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