Monica Hui Hekman

Monica Hui Hekman was born in London and raised in Los Angeles County. Hekman graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts (ICAM) from the University of California, San Diego. Hekman currently works with multimedia, working in fabric, wood, paper, and metal.

In Hekman’s recent series, a book of animal portraits and poetry, Animals on Land (2014), Hekman begins by sculpting a clay figure as a reference for the illustration, which is then scanned into a computer and made into a vector graphic. From that pattern, Hekman cuts and sews fabric to create a layered applique collage.

“I create art to celebrate and delight in the beauty of strangeness. The exploration and depiction of creatures with seemingly hybrid features is most interesting to me, because these natural anomalies harken to evolution, myth, and imagination.” – Hekman

Works by Monica Hui Hekman

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