Norma Pizarro

Norma Pizarro believes that what we bring into our home becomes part of our being whether we are aware of this or not. That the images we see daily become part of our subconscious affecting our moods and sometimes even redirecting our energy. With that in mind Pizarro tries to create work that inspires, calms and reminds us of our relationships to our bodies and the body of the world around us.

The work is tactile, sensual and spiritual. Inspired by the sinuous lines of a river, the tender touch of a lover, the sweet taste and smell of a perfectly ripe fruit. It reflects the gifts and joys of existence in which we take for granted.

Pizarro tries to impart the importance of our connection to all living and breathing entities, and embraces the body and all that is experienced through it. Celebrating fertility, birth and sexuality.

Works by Norma Pizarro

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