Sergei Iourov

Serguei Iourov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Proficient in painting and sculpture, he graduated in 1986 from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg with a Master of Arts Degree in Art, Sculpture, and Art Teaching.

Art is a magic way to comprehend life and become its co-creator. The basic principles of art guide us to our “Palace of Wisdom” where a real master sees the whole picture, with all the details in unity, supporting and completing the harmony. I’ve been asked frequently: “Drawing, painting or sculpture, what is your favorite? Which medium do you prefer?”

My favorite medium for sculpting is space and gravity, and within them, balance. Bronze, wood, or stone are just languages to express the art and to revel in the freedom to create without limitations. When your inner music is real and you can recognize all the voices, you know the rest of “what and how.”

All elements of Nature can be involved in the creative process and all powers used to harmonize our beings. God gave us all to beautify this world. With love, devotion and wisdom, “live up to the highest light you have and more light will be given you.”

Works by Sergei Iourov

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