Silviu Nica

Silviu Nica

Silviu Nica was born and raised in Timisoara, Romania and lives and works in San Diego, California. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 2002 and his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2007. Before settling in southern California, he lived and worked in New York where he exhibited his works in different group shows.

His work has a rather organic feel; he is drawn to the idea of metamorphosis, the transformation of shapes and elements. By erasing the boundaries between them, he is projecting the subject into a surrealistic realm. Drawn by the human shapes and natural elements, he uses them almost consistently to deconstruct and reconstruct images.

He takes inspiration from organic structures like roots, rocks, leaves etc. combined with human or animal shapes, sometimes creating new structures: “It is basically saying that we are one with the natural world surrounding us.”  Like (French chemist) Antoine Lavoisier brilliantly summarized it: “In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.”

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