Susan Coppock

Susan Coppock

“I have been photographing for 45+ years and I am still thrilled every time I capture something special in nature. I live, breathe, work, dream, judge, and teach photography.”

For more than 20 years, Susan Coppock taught photography for high schoolers, but (conceding that although she loved teaching kids) retirement has finally given her more time to pursue her passion for night photography, storm chasing, and the ocean. Her work has won numerous awards including Best of Show and has been shown in magazines, museums, and personal collections.

Coppock describes herself “first and foremost” as a storm chaser and nature photographer. She storm chases every summer during monsoon season in Arizona and New Mexico. Being able to get photographs of nature’s most spectacular shows, where no image is like another, is her greatest joy. Most of her work is night photography of the Milky Way, star trails, moon shots, and thunderstorms, including cloud formations and lightning. When she was teaching, her drive took her along the coast where she could stop and photograph the always changing beauty of the ocean.

“I try to share with others the awe and spirit I feel when surrounded by the power of nature, her fury, and the incredible beauty in the storms and oceans she produces, where each image is unique and special. Sharing my work with others who may not be as fortunate to witness these natural phenomena makes me especially happy.”

Works by Susan Coppock

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