Tea Ninkovic

Artist Tea Ninkovic likes passionately investigating parallel universes for fresh inspiration, while pretending to understand different species of humans. When Ninkovic is not doing those things, she is painting and observing a variety of cultures. True art ignores the traditional sense of style and sensibility. Ninkovic rebels as an artist by accentuating the discrete characteristics which make each person unique by using explosions of color with accompanying details for individual expression. When people wear a piece of art which is also an expression of self, the creator and creation have merged. This is the goal; where values do not change. Ninkovic designs for the person who understands their own fashion sense regardless of current trends. As fashion is an art form which is a reflection of character. If one has a personal sense of style, glamour will come by default. Ninkovic was born in magical 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia; and is living the American dream in Los Angeles. Ninkovic received a B.F.A. in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of California – San Diego.

Works by Tea Ninkovic

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