Tony Gangitano

Tony Gangitano

Tony received a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia and returned to work in New York City. He eventually moved to San Diego, CA to study art.

Independent study/travel in many countries led Tony to Italy, where he lived and worked as a sculptor for two years. He interned in ceramic and bronze with sculptor Alberto Ricci in Rome, then explored independent study of stone carving at Studio Sem and bronze casting at Tommasi Foundry, both in Pietra Santa, Italy.

Upon returning to California, he pursued a Masters of Fine Art at San Diego State University. There the love of carving stone and casting bronze took a back seat to less traditional materials, which he incorporated into more conceptual sculptures and site-specific installations.

Tony’s work has been exhibited in group shows, two-person shows, and featured artist shows until the year 2000, when he took a hiatus from sculpture and focused on Environmental Landscape Architecture design projects. In 2015, he re-emerged as a well-seasoned, creative, high energy, conceptually oriented mixed media sculptor. His current work is fresh and exciting, incorporating thoughtful concepts and new materials.

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