Featured New Works / Alexander Arshansky: Abducting Reality


January 6, 2019

On View Through:

March 24, 2019

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Blueberry Groove
Queen of Wands
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Rainbow Road
The Promise
Starving Musician
Moving Up

Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce new featured works by talented San Diego artist Alexander Arshansky for a new show, “Abducting Reality”. The exhibit will display intricately painted works that bring the conceptual into physical form, while questioning absoluteness and corporeality.

Alexander Arshansky is a Russian-born artist whose style is a combination of Biomorphic Abstraction, Cubist-like compositions, with detailed and intricate designs.

Arshansky is a prolific artist with over 850 paintings produced in the last 7 years. The layering and detailed imagery make his works deep and complex, reflecting his emotional state while he creates each piece.

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