Featured New Works / Alexander Arshansky: Illuminated


January 27, 2018

On View Through:

March 22, 2018

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Alexander Arshanksy’s paintings tumble onto the canvas directly from his subconscious. A kaleidoscopic compendium of inanimate objects made with his self-proclaimed “biomorphic cubism” style, the works form a narrative sparked by the observer’s imagination. The subjects of Arshansky’s paintings seem to “read” us while also providing a point of departure for reflection. It therefore comes as no surprise to learn that Arshansky is trained in the art of chiromancy – or palmistry.

Illuminated – a selection of seventeen featured works by Arshansky – explores the states of spiritual ecstasy and communion with the divine, in nature as well as within oneself. Let “Kundalini” awaken your primal energies, fall under the intoxicating spell of “Botanik,” and allow “Don’t Jinx Monsoon” to embolden and empower you. On view at Sparks Gallery January 27th through March 22nd, 2018.

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