Daniel Dust: Dark Heavens

“I find magic in duality, the yin yang, the dark and the light. Dark Heavens is about this fascination, where I explore our human connections and disconnections alike. We are these beautifully magnificent creatures born of stardust, given endless possibilities. Our imaginations are boundless and our capacity for love limitless. Yet, distracted by our daily lives and bombarded with endless noise, it is hard to remember our true potential. We find it easier to ignore what is real and believe what is not – sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of comfort, sometimes because our ideas are not our own at all. But there are moments when truth wins in the face of what we think we already know, when sweetness wins in the face of malevolence, and those precious moments make everything worth it. My artistic purpose is to capture these moments, these dark heavens, and to share them with you.” -Daniel Dust