Monty Montgomery: “Intersection”


March 11, 2024

On View Through:

April 28, 2024

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Monty Montgomery - Geo 74 Abstract
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Monty Montgomery - Moment 54 Abstract
Monty Montgomery - Geo 156 Abstract

Sparks Gallery is pleased to show new work by bi-coastal artist Monty Montgomery in his solo exhibition, “Intersection”. Join us for the reception on Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 5-8pm: RSVP HERE

Profoundly affected by his upbringing in the rural woods of Virginia’s countryside, Monty Montgomery’s work has always been informed by his visceral and emotional reactions to everyday experiences, such as exploring nature, or trekking city streets. His distinctive artistic voice was shaped in his teen years, when he began expressing his perception of the external world in bright geometric abstraction. His characteristic style emerged as a result of distilling sensory input through the lens of urban and natural landscapes. Using color theory, mathematics, and intuition, he attempts to harmonize the collision of these elements into something beautiful and cohesive.

Montgomery uses his innate intuition for color and object relationships to connect with the viewer, sharing his artistic vision through a “visual-emotional language”, as he calls it. His interpretation of everyday scenes is often surprising, as the end results look vastly different than their real world counterparts. This unique perspective grants Montgomery both strength and vulnerability in his art practice.

From the Artist:

“In the ‘Intersection’ exhibition, I wanted to express the various paths that have lead me to this point emotionally, physically, and artistically. It feels as if I am constantly encountering new directions, and have grown more sensitive to my surroundings in response; I have been spending more time alone, going deeper into nature and exploring unfamiliar alleys through major cities. Even the work in this exhibition has developed a new life of its own as it travels across the country, to exhibit at different locations. 

So much has changed in our world over the last few years, causing each and every one of us to take new directions with ourselves, our feelings, and our intentions. I went through many different “Intersections” in life; I recently had spinal surgery and have thankfully made it through that two-year experience. Over the last three and a half years I have journeyed from Brooklyn, New York to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and over to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia before realizing how important it was to call San Diego, California home again. I now share my time between being Home in the city of San Diego and the deep woods of Virginia where I grew up. 

‘Intersection’ is a representation of the balance I need in my life to create, to see, and to FEEL the ways I feel. This balance allows the creativity to flow from my mind, through my fingers and onto a surface. In much of my newest work, texture has been more prevalent and brings the depth of my emotions and visions to the surface for the viewer to appreciate on a deeper level. The textures in my work may symbolize the natural elements of the earth that I love, while the smoother and angular areas of my work are the vibrations and geometry of major cities and tighter areas of congestion. I am more concentrated these days with my emotions and how I feel them—I talk less and am quieter so that I can feel these things stronger. I believe this is the power inside that enables me to bring more energy and depth to my work. I’m excited about the ‘Intersection’ I currently stand at in this moment in time, and I look forward to those ahead.” – Monty Montgomery

Montgomery’s works will be on view at Sparks Gallery from March 11 – April 28, 2024 with a reception on Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 5-8pm.

  • Monty Montgomery - Moment 54 Abstract
  • Monty Montgomery - Geo 156 Abstract
  • Monty Montgomery - Geo.142 Abstract

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