Exhibition: Larry Caveney Solo Show – “Super Freaks”


June 11, 2016

On View Through:

August 21, 2016

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Superman Underwater

Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce local artist Larry Caveney’s solo show, “Super Freaks”, opening June 11, 2016.

Caveney will be exhibiting an array of abstracted superheroes and villains in his solo show at Sparks Gallery. Beer and wine sales on opening night will benefit the California Veterans Legal Task Force (http://www.cvltf.org/).

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – August 21, 2016 (please note: show will be removed from July 18 through August 3 for Comic Con rental & rehang)

Opening Public Reception: June 11, 2016: 6 – 9 pm


“As males in the world or art world, we have a tendency to maintain our own position of power or that persona of power or youth, where in reality it’s lost to time and gravity. The piece speaks to that false facade. That’s why I use the idea of ‘the artist as fool’ in most of my work. Basically I poke fun at my own self, Super Heroes/cartoons that I studied in comic books. As a white male, in this state of culture, I think that’s all I have to work with… that and humility. The fool is the placement of matter that threatens reality. At the same time, the fool sacrifices himself while defining the difference between the concepts of right and wrong by acting as the fool. It’s a device that functions as a pressure release within the context of a ‘civilized’ community. Where in reality it’s lost to time and gravity. These works speak to that false facade. That’s why I use the idea of ‘the artist as fool’ in most of my work. This collection of paintings is based on principles of using familiar imagery (codified) and cracking it out to reveal other truths within an analogue approach to color.” –Caveney
About the Artist:

Larry Caveney graduated with an M.F.A from Vermont College, Montpelier, VT and has exhibited both nationally and internationally since 1983. In addition to working as a painter, sculptor, and performance artist, Caveney is also a professor at the Art Institute of San Diego.

Caveney has been collected by:

The Permanent collection in Asheville Museum of Art, Asheville, NC
The Permanent Collection in Casoria Contemporary Museum, Naples Italy

Caveney prefers his artwork “to have direct, immediacy with those who are interested in the work/object, which opens into a relational space…circumventing that sometimes isolating space, that the art world can sometimes represent.” —Caveney


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