Exhibition: Linda Litteral: Pathways / A Solo Show


March 7, 2020

On View Through:

May 17, 2020

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Linda Litteral - Meditation Self Portrait 9 - In Situation
Linda Litteral - Lidded Box 2 - In Situation
Linda Litteral - Meditation Triptych 6b - In Situation
Linda Litteral - Carved Vase 1 - In Situation
Linda Litteral - Time Line Carving 10 - In Situation I
Linda Litteral - Armor: Protection Series Small 1 - In Situation

Sparks Gallery welcomes Linda Litteral for a solo show on March 7, 2020. Litteral has explored the concept of “Pathways” in her recent work, specifically how life brings us down a multitude of pathways, both conceptual and tangible.

Artist Statement:

“At the Feminist Residency in France last year, I did work around the idea of time, pathways chosen, and how to express my personal time line with color. Using abstract expression, I defined my path through life with color.

As an incest survivor I think that telling the world about what happened and how I have been able to heal is important. The art work I do all revolves around how to express my responses to my past. I take that past and translate it into beauty in some way. It is a way to affirm that I am ok, I am not that ugliness that happened to me.

This work is a mixture of old and new. Ideas I have done in the past with the Armor pieces, that I am doing in a slightly different way this time. Meditations that I have done and will keep doing in oils. The timeline sculptures are a three-dimensional response to the Feminist Timeline I did in France. There is a path that I have been on for a long time and this work is a visual representation of that path and the healing I have done with the art that represents it.”

// Exhibition on view MAR 7 – MAY 17, 2020

Our Nonprofit Sponsor for opening night is Space 4 Art

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