Charlene Mosley: “Pollinators” with “minis 2022”


May 15, 2022

On View Through:

July 3, 2022

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Sparks Gallery’s programming in 2022 explores the theme and concept of “Perspective” from exhibited and represented artists at the gallery. To kick off the Summer, Charlene Mosley, one of five represented artists at the gallery, debuts her strongest work to date in her solo show, “Pollinators”, which will be on view alongside our popular small works show, “minis”. The small works show will feature a number of Southern California artists, and brings a variety of talent in many different mediums.

“minis 2022” Artwork Preview:

Charlene Mosley

Mosley’s new work reveals her love and fascination for nature and the insects, birds, bees and other animals that play a vital ecological role in pollinating the world’s flowering plants. She strives to celebrate their beauty as well as their resilience. Mosley notes, “One remarkable insect, the Monarch, is known to be the only butterfly to migrate over 3000 miles to perpetuate its species all the while carrying thousands of pollen grains from one flower to another. That seems like a miracle when considering the mere fact that metamorphosing into a butterfly alone is highly unlikely with only a 10% chance of survival from its egg form to adulthood.”

Mosley asserts, “The women portrayed in these pieces represent another type of pollinator. Women, especially women of color, have always ‘pollinated’ the development of civilizations with countless incredible contributions and achievements, and are rarely credited for any of the ‘honey’ that was made from their labor. Today, women rewrite history and are constantly defying stereotypes and breaking barriers.” Mosley feels a sense of empowerment and pride in creating strong, well-rounded characters based on real-life women in her family, those around her, and women she admires from afar. Mosley also occasionally includes herself as a subject in her works. Painted in confident, natural poses, the female figures attempt to captivate the viewer with eye contact, pulling them in to further analyze the details in each piece and the vivid strokes that translate into a vibrant narrative.

By combining multiple “pollinators” in each piece, the artist underscores their similarities, focusing on their shared resilience, courage, and strength as they flourish in each others’ presence.  She reveals a deep respect for their endurance and the societal and natural achievements they represent. Mosley’s focus on the contemporary female figure as the “heroine” (or protagonist) of the paintings brings a fresh perspective. Her experience in illustration also shines through in the compositions of her work.

Mosley muses, “In a way, my work is the manifestation of imagination and endless conversations with myself about life, examining my own identity as a woman, as an artist, as a person of color, as one individual within 7.7 billion and my impact on nature. Every one of my paintings and drawings play their own role and spark their own conversations in order to grow a bigger understanding and appreciation for what it means to be a pollinator of this world, in a literal and symbolic sense.”

Mosley’s works, alongside the small works show (minis), will be on view at Sparks Gallery from May 15-July 3, 2022.

We invite you to join us in the gallery on Sunday, May 15, 2022 from 5-8pm for the Opening Reception. RSVP is required via the button above.

Born in Berlin, Charlene Mosley is a fine artist, illustrator and muralist, who works in oil and watercolor. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from San Diego State University and minored in German Studies. She resides in San Diego.

Mosley’s current work discusses the 21st century media-driven society and its relationship to technology and nature. Her work depicts people surrounded by plants and animals, with an interplay of expressive brushwork.

“My work depicts my curiosity in the way people connect to nature in a busy technology and mass- media driven world. I paint people I see in everyday life as well as myself and how I see myself interact with and observe my natural surroundings. I love to paint in a combination of expressive brushstroke and vibrant colors, with the effect of intriguing the viewer and letting the eye embark on a visually fulfilling journey.” –Mosley

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