Exhibition: Richard Becker – Float / A Solo Show


August 4, 2018

On View Through:

October 7, 2018

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Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce San Diego artist Richard Becker’s Solo Show “Float” with an opening reception on Saturday, August 4, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Known for his figurative bronze sculpture and stainless steel monuments, Becker’s new works in “Float” reveal a dramatic shift in style, subject and material choice following the artist’s re-entry into the world of hearing via a cochlear implant after years of near total deafness.

For the first time, the renowned sculptor, collected by Hollywood notables and held in the collections of Hewlett Packard and The Walt Disney Company, and also commissioned by institutions such as The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, will be showing paintings alongside a brand new collection of sculptural creations in his signature pop surrealist style.

Becker’s switch to a lighter and more contemporary style has allowed him to experiment with new mediums in his latest sculpture work, including: stainless steel, stainless composite (a cast resin material with stainless steel powder), fiberglass, and plastics. The exhibition will feature several sculptures from the artist’s “tot” series and “balloon” series in stainless steel and stainless composite, as well as his newly created cloud-based paintings on both Belgian linen and canvas. Standing at over 4 feet tall, “Flying” is Becker’s first 3D printed giant “tot”, greeting visitors with playful outstretched arms. The cloud works, classically and masterfully painted, reveal a contemporary twist.

“The artworks in ‘Float’ began emerging a few years ago as sound and music were miraculously returning to my life. I found myself increasingly drawn to lighter, buoyant works and the beauty of water and clouds.” — Richard Becker

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Becker began his career in the sciences, graduating with a Master’s in Engineering from Stanford University. While living in Barcelona in 1996, Becker bought a bag of clay from a shopkeeper’s doorstep on a whim. This simple act launched Becker’s passion for creating art.

Whether creating a small work, a painting, or a monument, Becker strives to make works that inspire. It is the artist’s hope that the works in “Float” bring inspiration to viewers. Becker adds, “As we journey through space and time together as living, breathing, collections of shared stardust, it’s inspiring to reflect on the miracle of our existence and the worlds around us.”

Gallery owner Sonya Sparks shares, “I am truly inspired by Richard Becker’s discovery of his innate talent, and I hope that our collectors and visitors will feel the genuine passion that emanates from his work. Becker is an artist that puts his whole self into his art, and it shows.”

// Exhibition on view AUGUST 4 – OCTOBER 7, 2018

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