Exhibition: Wanderlust / A Group Show


November 4, 2017

On View Through:

December 30, 2017

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Paris Amour
At the Top
Tuscan Poppy Field
Longfellow Bridge II
Incoming Ferry
Standing Alone

Thirteen Southern California artists will exhibit artworks featuring places and cities across the globe in “Wanderlust: / A Group Show”, opening November 4, 2017. Discovery abounds in this exhibition as, not only will selected works transport viewers to exotic locales, but one-third of the featured artists are showing at Sparks Gallery for the first time.

// Exhibition on view NOVEMBER 4 – DECEMBER 30, 2017

Exhibited Artists:
Jon Barnes, Eric Blau, Doug Dolde, David Fokos, Li Huai, Andrew C. Ko, Irina Negulescu, Minghua Nie, Joe A. Oakes, Amanda Saint Claire, Lee Sie, Paul Strahm, Bruce Swart

A selection of the exhibited artists were asked to describe how they felt about capturing the “perfect moment” and the essence of traveling to bring that final image and/or representation of the experience home with them. Their answers are below:

“In photography, I often play a passive role: I let the subject reveal itself, wait until it wishes to ‘speak’. Perhaps, on occasion, there are ‘gifts that come in a moment as fleeting as the touch of an angel’s wing’, as they did for Sally Mann. And, on rarer occasions, they come when I have my camera fully ready. Sometimes, the process even takes in the form of a serious courtship, with me dancing around: from time to time my head close to the ground; camera and my gripping hands twisted into an odd tangle; sweat dripping down to soil, praying for the process to be over soon – announced with a gentle tap of the angel’s wing.” –Minghua Nie

“Traveling has many enticements to recommend it. Chief among those for me is the ability to reinvent myself in an unfamiliar milieu, and to see that environment with fresh, unjaundiced eyes. Using those transient attributes photographing, I can occasionally, happily, surprise myself.” –Eric Blau

“Perfection is a nebulous concept that one may strive for but is always somewhat out of reach. What I do strive for is to freeze a moment in time that somehow strikes a chord with me, in terms of the internal rhythm and harmony that are part of myself everywhere I travel. In such endeavors, capturing a moment in time and space is analogous to self-discovery and becomes an expression of my internal thought process.” –Andrew C. Ko

“As a landscape painter I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect moment. Sometimes I see one just a mile from my home and other times it can be 500 miles or even a thousand. What’s important for me is to take the photo and my memory and merge them into an emotional response to that perfect moment. I create something to share, so that others can enjoy some of the same perfect moments and therefore connect us all.” –Joe A. Oakes

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