Represented Artist Auction - March 2023

Our Spring Art Auction features a limited selection of artwork available for purchase from our represented artists: Charlene Mosley, Duke Windsor, Alexander Arshansky, and Ron Carlson. Reserve prices for these items begin at 30% off the retail price of the work. The auction will be live for bidding from March 18 to midnight on April 1.
Charlene Mosley - Shine
Alexander Arshansky- Good Idea
Birdwing, Burger (Detail)
Ron Carlson - Speed Racer Hanging Plate
Charlene Mosley - Light As A Feather (Detail)
Alexander Arshansky - Harmonia de Numero
Duke Windsor - Trash Talk (Detail)
Ron Carlson - Renaissance Woman Lidded Box
Charlene Mosley - Aren't We All Made From the Same Stardust? (Detail)
Alexander Arshansky - Cherry Blossom (Detail)
Ron Carlson - Swan Lidded Container (Open)
Duke Windsor - Homage

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