You whizzed through that quiz! And it’s no surprise.

Based on your responses your personality results reveal that you’re a:

Connected Collector!

You are INSPIRED by the emotions and stories woven into each piece of art.

You are a connector. Your engaging and open approach to art collecting is your innate advantage!

You possess the unique ability to connect with the narratives behind the artwork, and your passion for sharing these stories is driven by a desire to build connections and share the joy of creativity with others.


As a Connected Collector, your collection is a celebration of diversity and the power of art to bring people together.


Others may struggle to grasp the emotional nuances of a piece, or buy art purely for the investment. 


Not you! 

Your emotionally attuned approach to art collecting lets you make informed and heartfelt choices. 

Whether you:

You’re driven by a deep connection to the art and the artists behind it.


Facing challenges or uncertainties in acquiring a desired piece only fuels your passion to uncover the perfect work. 


The art community thrives with individuals like you: an empathetic collector with a gift for connecting with the soul of each artwork.


Your warm and inclusive networking skills bridge gaps between artists and appreciators. Your genuine connections open doors to discovering extraordinary pieces.


By leveraging your strengths, you can enhance your art collecting experience, build meaningful connections, and create a collection that reflects your individuality and preferences.

Yet, for a charismatic visionary like yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Prioritize 1:1 time with the art. At a gallery opening, carve out time to spend “meeting” the art as well as your friends. Viewing each artwork is like getting to know a new person. After seeing the work, you will have even more to discuss!


Pause before impulse-buying. To avoid regretting a purchase later, slow down and move at a more measured pace to uncover alternative options. The gallery may have a piece by the artist you love in their back room – ask!


Listen to your heart. Don’t get caught up in what others are raving about, or buying. Art is a personal choice, so choose what directly speaks to you. Consider meeting the artist in person (or virtually) to get to know them and learn more about what drives their craft.

Now that you understand your art collector advantage, here are 5 more things to consider when you’re buying art.


Finding the right piece of art can also be difficult, 

no matter how strong your vision is.

How many times have you struggled with questions like….


  • Is this a fair price?
  • Will I love it forever?
  • Will it fit in my space?
  • Will it match my aesthetic?
  • Is this really an original work?
  • Will I find something in my budget?

Sonya Sparks - Photo credit @createwithgusto

While it may take time to seek out artwork on your own and learn how to navigate the art world, imagine if you could….


…Be “in the know” and get first access to artwork by galleries and dealers, and quickly see the work in person or through online videos.


…Find galleries and art platforms where the pricing is transparent and reasonable at different price points, and where negotiating is welcomed!


…say all the right things to close the sale quickly and easily instead of wondering if there was something else that should have been said. 


…Feel completeness in your home because you finally have the perfect piece of art with a story that brings the space to life. 


…Be assured that you have purchased something that holds value for investment and comes with the proper documentation to confirm its authenticity.


…Discover a professional to handle, pack, or store artwork for so that you can free up space for your next acquisition. (Of course, no one wants to have art stored away when they would rather enjoy it, but it’s an option for serious investors!) 

Your Art Collector Advantage can get you there. 


By taking this quiz, you’ve already used your collector advantage and discovered another resource to get you closer to your next acquisition. 


Remember, one of your superpowers is your ability to seek out connections, opening doors to opportunities that others may not see.

Sonya Sparks - Photo credit @createwithgusto

Pause for a moment to paint me a picture of the creator behind this quiz…

I’m Sonya Sparks, owner and chief curator at Sparks Gallery in the vibrant heart of San Diego, CA. 


My mission is to pair clients with affordable, accessible, and thought-provoking artwork, so that their spaces weave compelling narratives.


Each year, I have the privilege of collaborating with hundreds of diverse clients who are on a quest to acquire original contemporary artwork. Collectors are welcomed to our gallery to enjoy artistic activations and art parties, as well as original contemporary art. 


For those outside of Southern California, we showcase and sell all of the artwork in our gallery on our website


If you live in Southern California, you may have seen my curated exhibitions for: the Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance, Allied Craftsmen of San Diego, Cannon Art Gallery (Carlsbad, CA), and the Escondido Arts Partnership.


Listen to me speak about how my curation style is both design-forward and purposeful, while supporting local artists.

Why trust me to guide you in your art-collecting journey?

Hear it from my community:

“I have known Sonya for many years and know her to be a focused person in pursuit of her goals, while at the same time exhibiting a zest for life. She always begins projects and events with the end result in mind, which always results in high quality and aesthetic brilliance. Her tenacity to stick with complex and difficult challenges through to completion of her goals has been most recently exhibited in the completion of the Sparks Gallery in San Diego.


Her vision has come to life in this new Gallery which displays a rare mastery of the balance of both technical complexity and artistic taste so typical of her character.

I can recommend Sonya as well for being well-connected with the San Diego contemporary arts community, which will be exhibiting in the Sparks Gallery.”     


-David Buell

Now let’s focus on what a Connected Collector
like you does next:

Browse our collections of available artwork from the Sparks Gallery catalog that we think are the perfect fit for your personality:

👉🏼 Book a 1:1 art consultation with me, Sonya Sparks, for your personal collection in your home (in-person within the Greater San Diego Area)


Whether you are just starting your collection, or have a large collection, I am here to support your personal curation project. I will meet in your space to provide guidance for your overall collection and provide visual recommendations to curate your space. Interested in full-circle support for your collection?

I provide guidance so you can have clarity on any needs for your collection, and you receive a support system from me personally.

We will discuss:

➡️ appraisals for insurance,
➡️ packaging pieces to store,
➡️ expert curation for physical display of the work,
➡️ cataloging the work in your collection along with documentation, and
➡️ legacy/estate planning.


This session is ideal for collectors who would like to feel confident that their collection is visually and/or thematically cohesive, presented appropriately, and would like guidance on what is recommended for the health of their collection.


You will receive:

  • Guidance based on your existing collection
  • Placement suggestions based on visual rhythm throughout the space
  • Recommendations for maintaining and servicing your collection
  • Your artwork may be curated digitally from photos of your space, and provided to you to help guide your visual planning. (This is an additional hourly rate; please inquire during our session.)
  • Recommendations for full-circle support for your collection.
Sonya Sparks - Photo credit @createwithgusto