“Some scenes in Iceland take meticulous planning to be able to see. Others, such as this one, just present themselves to you as you pass by. A few horses (known as Hestur in Iceland) were grazing in a nearby field. After stopping the car in what felt like the middle of nowhere, I was watching some sheep by an old barn on one side of the road and these horses grazing on the other. Just before sunset this was one of the truly magical moments for me in Iceland. The ‘baa’ of the sheep repeating was the only sound I could hear in the distance. I could see for what felt like miles in every direction, and there was nothing but fields and an old road cutting through them into the distance. The sheep were cute and interesting to watch and enjoy as they tried to herd their lambs back to the flock. But the peace of the grazing horses was so captivating to me in this moment. As a beautifully colored horse slowly walked over to a puddle to take a drink left by the previous day’s rain, I knew this was the perfect time to capture a moment to be saved forever.” – Jon Barnes

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Digital Print on Aluminum

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blue, brown, white

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6"x6", 7"x5", 12"x8", 18"x12", 24"x16", 30"x20"