“My piece, called ‘All Mine!’ has three important elements in it that capture the essence of Windansea in La Jolla, CA: the Shack, the famous break with surfer, and the lifeguard station (umbrella and chairs).  Although the latter one is mostly perceived by people as the base on the beach for the surfer, which I like too.


The piece is a black and white photograph, composed of two exposures: a long one (about a minute or so) that blurs out all the waves, other surfers and people walking on the beach.  Right after that exposure, I took a regular exposure, which was when the surfer was on the wave.  The photo is printed on real photo paper and chemically developed with a Light Jet.  I then hand colored the print with photo oils – very transparent oil paint dedicated for this work.” – Kerckhoffs


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37.5 × 27.5 in

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