“I am drawn to the raw expression of feelings and energy in each of Jeremy Sicile-Kira’s abstract works. A young artist, Sicile-Kira has autism (he communicates by typing) and synesthesia – he reads people’s emotions as color. He reads the ‘aura’ of the person or animal that is the subject of each painting, and paints the colors that he sees emanating from them. His process is very interesting to watch: the way he adapts and moves the brush across the canvas, his ability to focus on the subject although he is always moving, and his happiness while painting is pure and palpable.” – Sonya Sparks, Owner / Curator, Sparks Gallery

“Truly I painted the colors of Dave as he played with his dear friends at the concert nicely in front of a welcoming crowd at the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, San Diego. Truly the concert was nicely the highlight of my dearly short life so far. Frankly the wonderful musicians were frankly connected to each other by the rhythm and their creative energy. Truly I felt their beautiful souls and  I frankly felt the colors of the band as they played. Kindly there was orange for the fun the  musicians and the crowd of fans shared in the concert space. Light bright green is there for the youthfulness of the sound. Justly there is yellow for the happiness that the audience felt seeing the DMB live in person. There is turquoise for the beautiful kind knowledge of real rhythm  that Dave has that  can make me feel like a real person with no challenges in my motor abilities. Truly his music helps me to sequence my thoughts  and to move my body. Turquoise is also for the kind and beautiful soul he has and that touches everyone he meets. Frankly I feel Dave is a very private person so I won’t say more on him except that he is a caring person and helps many through his music and generous donations to important issues of our time. There is purple for the leadership roles he has taken in his life and career that have gotten him to where he is today. There is lavender for the care he has for his band members and family and friends. Pink magenta is for the love that surrounds him especially from his family. Have to say gold and silver represent the hand of God helping the DMB, through loved ones who have passed.” Jeremy Sicile-Kira

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48 x 48 x 1 in (L x H x D)



Acrylic on canvas


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