The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon has a wonderful family festival each April. I wanted to capture the tulips in a way that showed the great depth of the farm but also focused on a very specific color in the foreground as the focus point. Once I saw these beautiful, vibrant reddish-orange tulips that almost had a glow to them, I knew I had found my foreground. I was moving up and down trying to find the angle that I wanted in order to try to show the scene the way I was envisioning it. In the end, I had accomplished my goal. I was able to create a scene that led you slowly over the various colors of tulips, then to the trees and finally the clouds as the background blurred into the distance. Once I composed this image I knew I had captured the one I had envisioned when I’d arrived which is sometimes so challenging, if not impossible, to do. This image represents my vision becoming a piece of art to share with others. Nothing makes me more proud as a photographer.

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