In BRIEF, my most recent evolution in representing the figure, I focus on the brevity and fragility of human existence. The contemplation of personal loss led me to confront profound questions: is there meaning to our existence, or is it absurd? Here, the figures, while readily defined, become more fragile, transient and lyrical, nearly dissolving into a timeless space. To create this vanishing effect, I depict the figure at different levels of description, where the less defined part of the rendition looks somehow pixilated. It is my way of expressing loss of description, fading away, in this digital age. So, I am not only using form to describe the concept of the ephemeral but to reflect the times in which we live, where the virtual is almost becoming reality and where more and more “quickly” is the way in which we encounter things. The natural resolution of my style as a digitalized pattern reflects the stylistic vertical and horizontal traits of my own calligraphy. All expressed in a lyrical way, because it is my essence, at times I like to include foreign elements in the composition (i.e. Roosters; or a sharp horizon line) like noise disrupting the lyrical harmony, an expression of the absurd. It is also my way of generating compositional balance and contrast to the figure, both formally and conceptually. And this is not just a way of looking but a reminder that time is of the essence and that we should appreciate and revel in the present because we are not here forever.

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40.75 x 61 x 1.5 in (L x H x D)





Oil on canvas

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