“My sculpture has three chrysalis forms. The first portrays broken butterfly wings and symbolizes the child victims of the Holocaust. These innocent children are dreaming about the beautiful butterflies they once saw, represented by the large cutout silhouette in the jagged barbed wire like structure. They will never reach maturity and flourish.

The second chrysalis reveals a butterfly that has emerged from its heart shaped cocoon. It hangs somewhat lifeless, seeking nourishment, and represents a period of time to heal and grow after pain, sorrow and hardship.

The last chrysalis conveys hope and new life as new generations emerge and transform our world. The large free-form butterfly on the top soars above, and portrays the enormity of our human potential and the beauty of our world.”

– Berlin-Kroll


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16 x 13 x 17 in (L x H x D)


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Air brushed watercolor, Ceramic


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