Coatlique – Limited Edition Print


Gloria Muriel Limited Edition Print exclusively for Sparks Gallery.

Archival pigment prints on watercolor paper.  Each individually embellished by Gloria Muriel with color micron pen

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“North America, 14th – 16th Century C.E.

Coatlique, mother of all Aztec deities, of Earth and all life, is probably the most ancient pre-columbian divinity. She has also been known as Tonantsi, Our Mother, and later as La Virgen de Guadalupe.

Coatlique is said to consume the sun each evening, in order to give birth to it each morning.” – Muriel

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Dimensions 11 x 8.5 in (L x H x D)



Gloria Muriel


Figurative, Contemporary


Micron Pen on Watercolor paper

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