The fence landscape series began in 2007 and has continued to push my imagination to farther develop the series today. The fence icon has such a wide area of interruption. Does it keep things in or keep them out. It represents both political and ideological boundaries. The fence image can symbolize the American Dream or urban decay, the future or the past. One thing I do know is that they are everywhere. In all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and materials. Because of this I can create both abstract and representational images in one work using this simple motif.

My works in this series are acrylic on canvas and panel. As well as mixed media constructions that can and have combined canvas, photographs, balsa, basswoods, birch and ash plywoods, cardboard, museum board, watercolors, gouache, acrylic and other materials. This method makes the works low relief three-dimensional constructions. The series also includes drawings, watercolors and gouache works. I take great care to depict every detail with the utmost precision. The works are constructed in a delicate balance of color, texture, shapes and lines that are both familiar and yet out of context. I have isolated small pieces of fence that appeal to me and then removed, rearranged and reassembled the images into works of art.

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17 × 21 in



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