Ethical Metalsmithing Seminar: Today’s Jewelry can be More than Beautiful


Tickets required for Seminar on Tuesday June 7, 2016


Please join us for a seminar by Christina T. Miller on Tuesday June 7, 2016 – 6-7:30pm. Christina will share what she loves best about jewelry, its unique ability to embody our deepest emotions while also benefiting people and places along its journey from the earth to our bodies. These benefits haven’t always existed. Today, jewelers are adding traceable metals and gemstones to their jewelry such as certified recycled gold and diamonds to, fairtrade gemstones and Fairmined certified gold and silver. Miller will share some inspiring stories of pioneering jewelers that have made responsible practices their focus and in turn are transforming the jewelry industry for the better from the inside out.

Event will also include:

  1. Radical Jewelry Makeover Projects jewelry raffle,
  2. a chance to see and handle a Diamond Foundry Diamond, and
  3. examples of Ethical Metalsmiths Jewelry will be available for viewing and for sale by Alexandra Hart, Jessica Hudson, Mirjam Butz-Brown, and Emily Phillippy

Radical Jewelry Makeover Pieces for Raffle:

Radical Jewelry Makeover Projects Radical Jewelry Makeover Projects Radical Jewelry Makeover Projects









Ethical Metalsmiths Jewelry on display by Alexandra Hart and other artists…

Alexandra Hart - Ethical Metalsmiths

“My business tactic has been to simplify my entire collection by using only 100% recycled precious metals and findings primarily from Hoover and Strong and occasionally from Stuller and my local caster, and I purchase diamonds only from two sources, both of whom provide the UN conflict free guarantee on their invoices.  Since 2006 I have stopped purchasing colored gemstones from any other companies than Columbia Gem House and my local dealer who is directly familiar with the supply chain.   The only occasions when I handle gemstones from unknown sources is when I am working with clients’ stones in custom settings.  All of my jewelry is made in the USA and I conscientiously practice studio procedures which reduce impact on the environment.” –Hart


About the Speaker: Christina Tatiana Miller

Christina T. Miller is an independent consultant inspiring and mentoring bold social and environmental leadership in jewelry and the arts. Miller’s background as an artist, art professor as well as her 11 year history with Ethical Metalsmiths* as co-founder, former executive director and most recently advisory council chair makes her a sought after resource. She shares her expertise with individuals, universities, companies and non-profit organizations seeking to creatively address sustainability goals. In 2016 Miller launched Christina Tatiana Miller Consulting and current clients include Richline Group (a Berkshire-Hathaway Company) – in its ongoing responsible sourcing efforts, the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance – a responsible industrial scale mining standard and certification scheme and independent jewelers, Merzatta and Bario-Neal as they improve internal systems for greatest positive impact.

Christina lectures regularly at schools and universities such as Mass College of Art & Design, Virginia Commonwealth University and Pratt Institute and conferences including Pratt’s Sustainability Crash Course and the IAC Gold Conference. In the summer of 2016 she’ll be presenting to several Women’s Jewelry Association chapters and to jewelry consumers. She holds a BFA from Millersville University, PA and an MFA from East Carolina University, NC.

*Ethical Metalsmiths is a non-profit advocacy organization founded in 2004 that strives to engage jewelry students, to bring attention to the responsible and pioneering practices of independent jewelers and to increase responsibility in the jewelry industry overall. In 2013 EM successfully introduced FAIRMINED gold to the US in collaboration with 23 independent jewelers and is the designer of its popular Radical Jewelry Makeover project going strong since 2007.