“BrĂșarfoss, a waterfall famous for its vibrant blue water was one I had to see in person on my first trip to Iceland. The long hike through heavy brush and deep, muddy areas sometimes felt like I was making an aimless trek through a swamp. The hike was long and hard but the payoff when you see this amazing beauty made me immediately forget the physical grind I had just endured to get there. When I finally arrived at this stunning collection of waterfalls, I could not believe the glow of the beautiful, blue water. It was even better than I had imagined and the bright, blue water that it is known for stood out even more on this dark, gloomy day. I named this image as a play on words after the ‘fountain of youth’ since I had run out of water during my hike and I actually drank from the blue water that runs off the bottom left corner of this composition. I felt so rejuvenated by it. The water was so crisp and clear that it made me feel so refreshed and alive, but I also felt completely calm and connected with this incredible phenomenon of nature in this moment.” – Jon Barnes

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