“In ‘Golden Sunrise Alley’, a rain has passed and the late afternoon sun dominate the latter moments of the day in the quaint community of North Park.  The colors radiating off the buildings which casts a golden glow on the structures inspired me to stretch my imagination and technique by envisioning a golden sky, literally.

Gold is one of the most treasured of the precious metals.  The ancient civilizations held it in regards to honor their gods as well as adorn their rulers.  Gold has a purity and luster like no other and its value holds true.  Even today countries still trade in gold, yet we, as a modern culture are held sway by paper money of little real value today.

Gold continues to hold its value even if melted down and reshaped, yet it is elusive to most families.  This painting shows a simple, rich, golden sky constantly looming over a modest working class community is ever present.  The seeking of wealth and happiness has been a desire throughout human history.  But this wealth in today’s climate, through attainable for some, is far out of reach for most.” – Windsor

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50 x 72 in (L x H)





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