I Was Just Following You is a large mixed media piece created in layered and textured gouache and genuine gold leaf. As with many of my paintings it began life as an intuitive layering of my hand cut stencils, from which a story began to emerge. As layers of the painting begin to build so does meaning and connection to archetypical symbols- culminating in a narrative which can be shared and understood by many.
This piece speaks to the connection shared by men and women as we carry our hopes, dreams, and responsibilities into the future together. It is an old story but one that does not lose feeling the more it is repeated.
The openness of the landscape where minimalistic empty structures touch the horizon is inspired by the views across the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and Arizona, where I travel frequently. I find the bareness and beauty of that landscape dreamlike and deeply moving- a place where it feels like anything can happen and a natural setting for magic to unfold.

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26 x 40 in (L x H)

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Mixed Media Gouache with 22k Gold Leaf

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